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Explainer videos

Getting started with explainer videos
  • Basic - $250 a mo Pro- $450 mo Dominate - $750 mo
  • TIP It needs to be between 125 and 175 words fro a 60 second video. 175 to 225 for a 120 second video.
  • Upload your pictures here. For larger bulk images go to your private page and follow the "Dropbox" instructions.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

For all images please make sure they are of  HIGH quality.  pixel at least 2500 x 1000  please go to DROPBOX and set up a free account.

Make folder under your BUSINESS NAME. Then send it to deetslist@gmail.com  in the subject line put “explainer video”

Go here to set up your Dropbox acct. >> https://db.tt/bQQid3DU

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