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Arl’s Hang-Up


Hello and welcome to Arly’s Hang-Up. My name is Arly and I am your local professional custom picture framer. I have lived and worked in Pueblo/Pueblo West area since I was just a babe-in-arms. It has been a pleasure to fulfill the framing needs of this community. There are two major questions that I am asked when I am talking with guests in the shop…

The first: How did you get started?
My journey into the world of custom picture framing started in 1990 at Ben Franklin Craft’s. I truly enjoyed working in this little haven of craft delights and one day I was asked if I would like to work with the then framer to learn the craft of custom picture framing. Well being an enthusiast for learning something new I couldn’t refuse the opportunity to build such beautiful things. From the very first cut on a custom mat, the scoring of my first piece of glass to the completion of my first framing project I was completely hooked and have enjoyed the challenges and adventures of custom framing ever since.

The second: What type of art do you do?
This question always entices a unique and slightly skewed answer. I do not consider myself and artist although I can be very artistic. My artistry comes through in what I can create with my own two hands. I cannot put paint on a canvas and call it a masterpiece but I can access all the colors and textures in a painting, photo or collection of items and create a unique package that becomes art.

I have always been an art enthusiast; which encompasses all types of art, in all its many forms. I have been a hands-on crafter for as long as I can remember. Custom framing has given me the opportunity to combine both passions into one unique craft that takes me on many adventures. When you bring in your framing project you share your story with me and together we design a unique way to display and preserve that story.


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June 1, 2014

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