Stepp Sydnor

Stepp Sydnor

Stepp Stevens Sydnor is the CEO of TurnAround Solutions LLC, a sales training and leadership development firm based in Tyler, Texas.

Stepp specializes in coaching CEOs, Sales leaders, business owners, and salespeople responsible for creating revenues. Stepp has delivered over 1000 motivational presentations and meetings. He is the author of two books which have won 3 acclaimed publishing awards and has developed nine seminars for leadership and sales effectiveness.

Stepp mixes enthusiasm and humor with actual stories of how to close business in two meetings or less. His high power messages and practical content empower his audience to leave with more confidence to get extraordinary results.

Stepp has 30 years’ experience in business to business selling and marketing.

He started his work life after his father got remarried and moved to south Texas telling him and his brother they couldn’t come.

Still a junior in high school Stepp went to work full time at Hannah’s Pies in Richardson Texas. He finished high school and attended Northlake College in Dallas Texas. Shortly after graduation he started his first sales job with a technology company in a new market. After 3 months in the new sales role Stepp realized how difficult it was to get purchasing agents in the defense industry to switch vendors. The bottom line was he would have to either quit or find an easier sales job or figure it out.

Fortunately Stepp took the bigger challenge and learned how to get even the most difficult prospects to switch vendors. Stepp made his sales quota for that year. After discovering how to better do business to business sales he resigned from the technology company and started his own business while still in his 20s.

In just a few years, his enterprise grew to seven retail stores and a manufacturing plant serving residential and commercial customers. Unfortunately years later, due to a shift in the economy, he lost this business.

Recovering from the impact and loss of bankruptcy, he was hired by a technology engineer to assist a small start-up company as a sales representative. Through this work and applying effective sales strategies Stepp’s interest was sparked in organizational development, and sales revenue generation.

After helping two other owners grow their companies to a significant size Stepp launched out on a new career and started his own consulting and training company.

In March 2000, Stepp launched TurnAround Solutions LLC. Today, he is assisting individuals and major companies in a variety of industries helping them improve sales results.

The statistics tell the story. After partnering with Stepp for training and coaching services:

A large retail club in Tyler, Texas, improved their leadership influence skills to become the top store of 455 club stores in the US.

A major cable Internet company ramped up the skills of the managers and sales reps—enjoying a 15-30 percent increase in sales.

A national plastics manufacturing company partnered with TurnAround Solutions when the plant was considering closing. After four years, this plant grew its revenue from $10 million to about $39 million.

A college graduate in a new sales role had problems closing proposals. Now she is experiencing a 60% close rate.

Along with his roles as trainer, curriculum developer, and coach, Stepp is also a professional author and speaker. He is the author of

  • Survive…or Thrive? Creating the Life You Want Out of the Life You Have
  • Survive or Thrive? Workbook
  • Smart Prospecting
  • Smart Selling
  • Smart Sales Management
  • 2 Meeting Close Selling System
  • It’s all about Communication Cooperation and Commitment Team Building Workshop
  • EIEIO Farming Greatness In People

His most recent book: The Ultimate Guide to Customer Objections in currently in production.

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June 1, 2014

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