Tortured Souls Tattoo

Tortured Souls Tattoo

Britney Miles She has been in the industry for 10 years. Brittney specializes in realism and elaborate color pieces. She enjoys doing custom work and will work with her clients to ensure that they are getting what they want. Brittney is a mother of two and is devoted to raising them to appreciate art and keeping them happy. She loves all types of music and spends most of her time with her family and doing homework if she is not tattooing. Being born and raised in Pueblo, she loves her clients and wishes to maintain a close relationship to her clients near and far. She strives to keep a fun, friendly atmosphere for her shop and wishes for many years of great artwork.

Rob Salazar, Artist
Senior Artist
Rob has been drawing for the last 5 years, he began to tattoo shortly thereafter. He has been working at Tortured Souls for almost two years, and owned his own shop previously. Rob is always working towards bettering himself as an artist and tattoo artist to bring forth high quality work not just the pickem n stickem tattoo flash. He strives to learn new techniques all the time so that he can bring you the highest quality tattoo artistry possible. Rob has also become quite the painter as he paints in his spare time. He has art hanging all over his home and TST. Robs many tattoo specialties include, but are not limited to portraits, realism, black and grey, new school, traditional, and neo-traditional. Rob loves to get clients who trust him enough to hand draw the pieces onto their skin. He has spent many years perfecting his freehand artwork and script. Custom artwork and script are just a couple of things that set him apart from other artists. Rob knew the moment his hands touched the machine that he was meant to create amazing, quality, custom artwork for people’s skin around the world. Rob has a few first place awards and plans on entering more of his custom tattoos in the future. His main goal everyday is to be better than the day before, and always want better for himself and his clientele.

Bern Dorsey, Office Manager
Bern has been in the tattoo industry for 8 years, although she does not tattoo, she knows just about everything she needs to know when it comes to tattoos. Bern is our Office Manager, she is the one that handles the phone, making appointments, helps with consultations, and just about anything else a tattoo shop would need. She loves to dance, when you come in, you may be entertained!

Jamos Artist
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June 1, 2014

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