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The education process starts immediately with consultation. You get private consultation with Deetslist even before  you join. After the first consultation ( after you join ) we start building your social media platforms to create real social signal about your business. Just this process alone is more effective than all the traditional advertising put together simply because more people are searching on their phones than looking in their magazine rack for a flier.

1st Step

Social media 

is far more powerful than most people and businesses realize. Deetslist knows how to put social media platforms that are branded specifically for your business that produces content specifically for your business! We start by building the three strongest platforms in social media Facebook, twitter and google plus. We use these platforms because combined there are over two billion people who are looking and searching for products and services. Engaging people in social media is key to converting a passive social media connection to a productive connection that will buy from your company. We link these platforms together to create a social media net that is so powerful that your business sees leads almost immediately. Social media is absolutely the best form of advertising online simply because more people will see your business is ads in content then newspapers, flyers, magazines and TV commercials combined. Further Not to mention the cost is pennies on the dollar compared to traditional advertising and your ROI which is your bra turn on investment is through the roof!

2nd Step

Explainer Video

We build an explainer video for your business. Business explainer videos are red hot and are not going away anytime soon. People are generally and visual and Google and Bing loves videos. Click here for an example. These videos are so powerful and drive in incremental traffic that it’s an undeniable force as part of your Deetslist package

3rd Step


We then build your website for on page SEO. On page SEO is crucial when it comes to driving traffic to your front door. The reason an on page SEO is so important is that when the place is programmed correctly it serves as a powerful magnet that draws traffic to it. The traffic that it drives to the site is called off page SEO. Your website URL is spread up crossed the World Wide Web. When people click on your URL they come to your website. These are called backlinks.
We build backlinks organically meaning that they are powerful and natural. Google has had the new algorithm “hummingbird” which has steered rankings through natural and organic content. We comply and dominate this process through multiple article generation and distribution. This not only gives organic and natural backlinks that creates traffic back to your site it multiplies it tenfold by R unique and extremely powerful SYSTEM.

Were always here to help

As a client of Deetslist you always receive ongoing training through our university section of our website. You always have 24/7 customer support to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You get two private consulting sessions per month which is unheard of in this industry today. These private consultations are so invaluable when it comes to the understanding and the satisfaction for our clients.
Here in Deetslist we never forgive we work for you, we never forget we work for your business and its profitability through tremendous ROI.  email us at or call 719-544-0981

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